New Furnace
11 Sep

New Furnace

As the summer months are rapidly vanishing, we are preparing for the winter by installing a brand new furnace!


South Lincs Foundry have been working closely with Meltech, the manufacturer of the new furnace. Before its arrival, South Lincs Foundry gathered dimensions for the new furnace, however, the furnace deck needed some alterations making before the installation could begin. This included reinforcing the deck, as well as cutting and painting the existing wall ready for housing the new furnace. Needless to say, Paul, our foundry manager and his team put in the extra hours needed in order to get the furnace deck ready on time.

Furnace Deck ready for installation of new furnace.


The new furnace is smaller than our existing one,having the potential to hold roughly 300KG of molten metal. It will run alongside our existing one, meaning we will be able to combine the two furnaces to produce bigger castings. However, this comes at a cost due to the mass of power needed for both furnaces. Below is a picture of the buzz bars required to transport the power to the new furnace.

Buzz-bars and cabling to house the power.

Installation began on Monday 17th of August with a team from Meltech overseeing the installation. Roughly one week later the new furnace is fully installed and lined ready for its first melt.

Furnace ready for its first melt




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